Whale Dust is a publishing project founded by artist Orla Whelan in Dublin, Ireland in 2021. The aim is to produce books that explore the overlapping fields of visual art, writing and philosophy.

The majestic, if slightly odd-looking, sperm whale was chosen as the logo for Whale Dust, in honour of the deep-diving, long-living, mysterious, liminal animals who traverse the pelagic zone of uncharted space beneath the sea. Breaking the surfacing to breathe, they provide us with moments of wonder and a glimpse at what lies beneath.

As an infrequent maker of books, Whale Dust hopes to surface occasionally into the world of printed words, to spout, and create a moment of wonder, before returning to the watery depths of our wordless imaginations once more.

All our books are packed and posted in fully recyclable corrugated cardboard envelopes.

Thank you
Orla & the Whale Dust team.

Contact: whaledust@gmail.com